Swiss vessel to join “Fleet of Freedom 2”

11 Jun

Wednesday, 09 June 2010 14:01 Added by PT Editor Omar Ghraieb


Switzerland, June 9, (Pal Telegraph) The European campaign to End the Siege on Gaza announced that preparations are being conducted on a Swiss vessel to participate in the "fleet of Freedom 2," which is being prepared by the "fleet of freedom" coalition, and expected to launch into the Gaza Strip in the up-coming weeks.

Anwar Al Gharbi, representative of the campaign in Switzerland, said that at the end of a global daily sit-ins week before the Human Rights Plaza at United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, called by the association of "rights for all" and the "European Campaign" – with the participation of more than twenty Swiss Assemblies and political parties; including "Centre Party", "Party of the Public", "The Socialist Party," "Greens Party", and "Labour Party" for this initiative – where the beginning of preparing the Swiss vessel to join the “fleet of Freedom 2” was announced.

Gharbi added in a press statement today that "following the announcement of launching the process of equipping the Swiss vessel , a major fund raising campaign was launched too; where the vessel was showered with the support of dozens of political, artistic and athletic figures from Switzerland.

The head of the “rights for all” Swiss association, and the member of the European campaign, explained that this ship has big support from prominent figures in Europe, pointing out that the campaign is witnessing wide contributions, especially after the Zionist massacre committed against the "fleet of freedom," which was sailing towards the Gaza Strip with 750 international peace activists on board, along with about ten thousand tons of humanitarian aid.

Gharbi saw that the " Israeli massacre", which was committed against the peace activists on board of the "fleet of freedom," formed a great stimulus to the free world in order to support more campaigns aimed at breaking the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.

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