EMERGENCY Response Plan

1 Jun

· EMERGENCY Response Plan

Israel has used military force on the peaceful, humanitarian flotilla and murdered several unarmed civilians. ISRAEL‘S ACTIONS CANNOT GO UNANSWERED!!

  1. GlobalCALL the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem and DEMAND that the U.S. Government take immediate action to safeguard innocent lives!
    Tel: +972 2 622 7207/21/30
    Fax: +942 2 625 9270/627 2233
  2. Global Call your elected officials and make Israel’s violent actions against the peaceful, unarmed internationals an issue.
  3. Global – Call your Israeli embassy and demand they stop using military force on unarmed internationals.
  4. GLOBAL – Contact news agencies to ensure they are adequately and properly covering the flotilla:

Global – Join officials’ Facebook Pages and comment regarding the Flotilla.

"You need to do all in your power to protect the Gaza humanitarian flotilla! Israel has them surrounded with war ships!"

"Israel has issued serious threats to the Gaza Freedom flotilla and their safety is in grave danger. This is a matter of extreme urgency, and we are calling on you to add your voice to the millions of other voices worldwide who are taking these threats seriously. Right now Israel navy ships are on contact with this humanitarian effort and are making threats towards it.Please tell israel to back off… and let this humanitarian effort through!"

  • Click here for Facebook Pages for officials in each country. You can join and comment on them all!

GLOBAL – Protest in front of your nearest Israeli embassy. This includes a planned protest at all Israeli embassies (and beyond) from Thursday, May 27 onwards to coincide with the arrival of the Flotilla in Gaza coastal waters! In the event that Israel launches any military attack or naval blockade on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, our demonstration will be a powerful protest to demand that it be allowed to pass in peace!

  • Confirmed regions: Click here for an updated list of actions!
    >> To add your protest, please email us at: flotilla or register your event.
  • Petition signatures, signed letters, demands, messages, etc are available for delivery and protest, hunger strike and/or sit-in at the embassy.

US – CALL White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and DEMAND that the Obama Administration immediately cancel Tuesday’s scheduled visit with Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu, and support the creation of an unbiased international commission to investigate and hold the Israeli government accountable for the murder of unarmed civilians! Tel: +1 202 456 6798 Fax: +1 202 456 2461

US – Contact the White House and ask Obama to do something to ensure the safety of the Free Gaza flotilla and its cargo of badly needed medicines, medical supplies, and reconstruction materials, and the peaceful passengers of those ships, among them several US citizens, including Ret. US Army Col. Ann Wright and Joe Meaders, a survivor of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty (1967). The White House comment line may also be reached at +1 202-456-1111.

US- Send an email and fax to your elected officials, including the US President and Congress, calling on them to prevent Israel from using US military aid against peaceful, unarmed citizens.

UK – Email the Foreign Commonwealth Office at private.office@fco.gov.uk , AINAGCorrespondence@fco.gov.uk , haguew@parliament.uk

"Dear Respected Office,

I write this letter to you with a real sense of danger which is prevailing on our British citizens who are in danger of kidnap, and imprisonment by the Israel Navel forces.

No doubt you are well aware of the 4 year long illegal siege imposed on Gaza and it’s inhabitants by Israel, but you have chosen to stay quite, and let Gaza become a natural death camp, which is being suffocated of all living supplies.

Yet you chose to invade countries as big as Iraq, and feel proud by claiming to have liberated the people from a cruel dictator. The list goes on and on, and I can give you other examples. However, I feel now is not the time, because right now, time is in short supply.

In January of this year, British citizens were among 500 people who took part in a convoy of aid to the stricken region. When the convoy reached Egypt, British Citizen’s were brutally attacked by Egyptian Riot Police. In March ’09, British Citizens were attacked in the same town, while on a previous convoy.

On both occasions, you chose to stay quite, and didn’t indulge in talks with Egyptian authorities to provide help, protection, and support for the British Citizens.

Yet, you claim to liberate a whole country from a dictator by sending our armed forces who have paid with their live’s to protect the live’s of another nation. But yet you fail to protect our own British citizens from attacks, and torture at the hands of the Egyptian forces.

Your silence can be seen as supporting a very illegal siege on Gaza, even at the extent of peaceful British humanitarians being harmed.

The situation which I turn to you for your unprecedented support and resolve, is in regards to the “Freedom Flotilla” which is currently positioned in international waters. 750 people from 50 different countries, along with 15,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid are destined for Gaza. On Sunday, May 30th, they will sail towards Gaza through International waters. The journey time will be 24 hours.

There is great fear and danger surrounding this peaceful mission, as Israel as publicly stated that it has launched "Operation Sky Winds", whereby they willl stop the flotilla by any means. They have issued threats saying they will use force, kidnap all the passengers, and place them in a make shift prison. They will then process and deport everyone, and will sieze the 15,000 tonne of humanitarian aid on board, as well as the ships

I feel you are duty bond, and morally burdened to help the safe passage of the Flotilla, along with the British Citizens who are on board. Therefore, in line with the EU’s call for their safe passage, we ask you to conduct dialogue with Israel to ensure that the flotilla and British Citizens are under no threat of force or imprisonment. Can I trust you to do that?

This matter is one of great urgency, and I, along with the hundreds of thousands of British people look forward to an immediate reply to this letter. Please detail what actions you will be taking to ensure the safety of our British Citizens?

I hope that unlike previously, you choose to act, and act straight away, because I am informing you of the real dangers which our Citizens will face in the next 24 hours.

Therefore your actions need to be taken immediately before any harm can come to our citizens. I feel that if you ignore the contents of this letter, you will be failing to fulfil your duty to protect the citizens of this country.

I am confident that you will act promptly to the above concerns, and I look forward to a positive and rapid response, with which I can provide to the thousands of British citizen’s who seek assurance that our Government will, and is protecting our citizens to ensure a great nation remains sovereign.

Awaiting your response"

  1. Global Send an email and fax to all Israeli embassies and consulates worldwide.
  2. US Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.
  3. Global – Sign the petition demanding that Israel allow safe passage for the Flotilla.

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