Kanoute shows support for Palestinians

9 Jan

Sevilla’s striker shows t-shirt with ‘Palestine’ written in various languages during Spanish Cup game.

SEVILLE – Sevilla’s Malian international striker Frederic Kanoute displayed a t-shirt with the word “Palestine” during his side’s 2-1 Spanish Cup over Deportivo Coruna in the Spanish Cup.

The 31-year-old lifted his jersey to show the t-shirt with the word written in various languages after his side scored late Wednesday in what was seen as an act of support for Palestinians in Gaza where an Israeli military offensive has claimed more than 700 lives since it began on December 27.

France-born Kanoute, a Sevilla player since a 2005 move from English Premiership side Tottenham, is a practising Muslim who has supported various humanitarian causes in the past.

In 2006 he set up a foundation to help orphans in Mali and the following year he reportedly spent around 500,000 euros (700,000 dollars) of his own money to save a privately owned mosque in Seville from being sold after a contract to use the premises by the local Muslim population had expired.

Kanoute now faces possible sanctions from football authorities if they consider that he broadcast a political message during an official match



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